Wreath Making Workshops 2016

For the past month we have held our annual wreath making workshops and, like usual, we had a blast at every single one! We are always blown away by the beauty these ladies create! The night always starts with a little wine (to get the creative juices flowing) and then chaos ensues as fresh greens and berries fly all over the shop while they get to work on the masterpiece. We like to use grapevine wreaths because not only can you use them year after year but they are also easier to adorn because you are not dealing with wiring in your greens and textures.

Each wreath turns out different and that's what we encourage and love. We want the end product to be a direct result of their own creativity and we are always impressed. Here's to looking forward to many more workshops at Sage in 2017!


It's that time of year again and The Best of The North Shore (BONS) awards are now live! Sage has been nominated again for best florist, best accessories and best gifts! We have won the award for Best Gifts two years in a row thanks to all of you and would love to keep it going and win for our third consecutive year! You can click the link below and vote for all of your favorites and you can find our vote button next to our name in each of those three categories. We truly appreciate the support!