Fruit Street Project Reveal

We have been anxiously awaiting photos we had taken by our girl, Kate of Freebird Photography, and this morning we awoke to them in our inbox! We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

We covered the walls in the master bedroom with dark blue grasscloth wallpaper, so we chose furniture pieces in light colors and used leather cubes to keep things warm. We kept things simple and clean by using neutral bedding and statement throw pillows in hues of blue. The rug ties all the colors together as it's weaved together with recycled leather and hints of denim. We added modern sconces next to the bed and a more casual (but equally as beautiful) light above the bed for structure and visual interest.

Then we added a fig to bring in warmth and some greenery (of course!)


The cozy nook was created as a reading area for the client. It’s perfect to get lost in a book or for an afternoon nap (with feet up on the leather pouf!)

 We then added in some pieces from our SAGE market to complete the room.

Happenings at Sage!


I know there have been crickets on the blog for, well, the past 7 months but we are back and I wanted to fill you in on the reasons for our lack of posts....we have been REALLY busy! We are now in our 5th(!) year of business and as we have grown & changed so have our services. As I am sure some of you have heard we stopped working on weddings. We loved every couple we we were lucky enough to collaborate with but Bev & I have decided to put all our energy into Interior Design. Don't worry, we will still offer fresh florals in the shop as well as custom orders year round and Holidays.

My Mom and I sat down after the first of the year and talked about our dreams for SAGE and what we want to accomplish and what direction we see our brand going in the next 5 years. Interior Design has always been our first love and essentially the reason behind opening SAGE. Throughout the years, without us promoting this service much, we have had our clients invite us into their homes and businesses to help them decorate the space of their dreams. It is truly what we love to do.  Helping clients create their ideal living space or transform their business is what makes us excited and inspired so here we are now letting you know that SAGE offers full-service Interior Design services! We have been working on some very exciting projects recently and we will be doing a website revamp this Fall/Winter to reflect our new services and also to showcase our work so keep checking back! I have also created new social media pages just for our Interior Design services that is separate from the shop: Facebook is @SAGEdesign and Instagram is @sage_interior_design so you can follow along!

For those of you interested in our services I have included a small description below. We would love to work with you by bringing our aesthetic into your home or business so please contact Bev or I to learn more and set-up a consult! Thank you for your continued support over the past 5 years and we are looking forward to what the next 5 years brings!


At SAGE, we believe that beauty is in the details. We focus on elevated design while creating indoor + outdoor living spaces that reflect your personal style. Our talented team of professionals will reimagine your space throughout all aspects of design to create a home or business that is uniquely yours. We service all of New England but travel is always welcomed.

  • Interior Design
  • Outdoor Living
  • Design Consulting
  • Home Accessories, Fabric + Furniture Selection
  • Architectural Details + Finishes
  • Landscaping Consulting
  • Interior Plantscaping

Spring Window Box Inspiration

Spring 2016 is finally here & we cannot wait until this chilly weather makes its way out and the warmth comes in. On Friday we had the joy of doing our first window boxes of the season for our clients in Newburyport. They had recently moved into their beautiful new home and were graciously hosting Easter for 40 family members and friends so they wanted their window boxes to look pretty for their guests (we can't blame her!). We planted white tulips and purple hyacinth and added a little more texture with pussy willow. It was the quintessential Spring planting and we love how they came out.

Our calendar for Spring and Summer plantings fills up fast so make sure to contact us soon for availability!

Spring Window Boxes in Newburyport, Mass.

Photos by Freebird Photography

Styling With Joy Thigpen

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to attend a styling workshop with Joy Thigpen at Ceremony in Boston, hosted by Alexis of The Little Things. If you have never heard of Joy Thigpen start googling. She is the master of all things aesthetic and styling. Joy started off her career as a photographer but quickly realized she would rather be in front of the camera making sure the pictures are as beautiful as they can be and she does one amazing job. Listening to her talk about aesthetics and what goes into making a beautiful image completely opened my eyes and my creativity and plus being in Ceremony for the day didn't hurt at all (seriously one of the dreamiest spaces I've been in. I highly recommend visiting if you can or at least follow them on Instagram).

We started off with a meet and greet and then we got to listen to Joy talk about what makes a beautiful image, well, beautiful. Next we got to watch her in action as she took a set of beautiful wedding stationary (created by Gus & Ruby Letterpress out of Portsmouth) and positioned every piece so carefully for a photograph. It was intriguing to watch her in action and be a witness to her thought process. Each of us then got the chance to style our own stationary and the very talented Ruthie from Ruth Eileen Photography took a photo of each of our work for our portfolios. Next up was florals. There was a table covered in the most beautiful, fragrant flowers and again we got to watch Joy work her magic and talk us through her process. Then it was our turn and, again, once we finished Ruthie took a shot of our work. I can't wait to see these pics and add them to my portfolio! We finished the day with a casual Q & A with Joy and we got some insight on all the amazing things she's working on right now.

I left that day with a new appreciation for the art of photography and a love for all things aesthetic. I have to say Joy definitely had an impact on me in that short amount of time we spent with her. To learn more about Joy and her work, visit her website If you are looking to learn more about photo styling and aesthetics I highly recommend Joy's online courses (I will be signing up for these myself)

Reno Update

It's been five months since my post about our big renovation and I left you with pictures of our torn apart master bedroom and told you I would continue to update, so, here it is! We are in the home stretch now (finally!). There are just a few more little touch ups to be done and we can move our furniture in and enjoy all the hard work. And then of course move right along into the next room....

Wreath Workshop #2

We had our second wreath workshop & it was another great night! These women did such an incredible job on their wreaths and had a blast while doing so! Our favorite part of these workshops has been seeing the uniqueness & beauty in each wreath. We especially loved getting pictures of the wreaths on everyone's doors!

We had many laughs over the two nights & can't wait to do it again next year. We had two dates for the wreath making workshop this year but since it was such a hit we will make sure to add more dates next Holiday season!


Wreath Making Workshop at Sage

We are so excited to be hosting our first wreath making workshop in the new shop! Join us on Thursday, December 3rd from 6pm-9pm to create a beautiful, organic grapevine wreath adorned with greens, berries, cones & other natural foliage. The workshop will be lead by us (Beverly + Jordan) as we give you creative direction but we encourage everyone to go wild with their own design! This wreath will make a beautiful, custom display inside or outside your home for the Holidays. No experience is necessary. We will provide all the materials as well as wine, beverages & light snacks. Space is limited and we are already half way filled up so make sure to reserve your spot soon! Click on the link to take you directly to our workshop page to sign up today:


Modern Farmhouse Inspiration

In honor of our master bedroom almost being completed (finally!!) I wanted to do a design inspiration post. Since the day we bought the house I have been contemplating what style direction I wanted to take it. Taking into consideration the look and age of our home, Modern Farmhouse seems to fit perfectly and I also love this look. From white, bright, airy rooms to farmhouse sinks, shiplap & hardwood floors, everything about this aesthetic is appealing to me. I've rounded below some of my favorite inspiration pics that I will be referring back to as continue our renovations. Enjoy!

Renovation Realities

Last October my fiancé and I bought a cute little home in Amesbury. We looked at a lot of houses but I kept coming back to this one. It's on a nice, quite street, has a good sized backyard for the dogs and garden and we could design the entire house how we wanted because it was a total rehab. This seemed like a great idea, and it still does, but it's a lot of work! It was owned by an elderly couple who had passed away and their children were now selling the house. The daughter had told us how she grew up in the house and her parents had owned it for many years. It was built in 1910 and there are still many original elements visible that I love but it is very obvious (by our pepto bismol pink bathroom, pea-green appliances & very ornate wallpaper) that the house has not been updated since the 70s. There is not an inch of this house that we are not touching. And did I mention we are doing this all on our own? Yup. Weekend Warriors right here. My Dad has also been such a big help. He comes up every Saturday to help Chris and we are so appreciative of that.

We (meaning I) decided to start upstairs with the Master Bedroom so we could have a comfortable, new place to hide while the rest of the house was in disarray and so that I could have a closet to hang my clothes in. Fast-forward 10 months and my poor, beautiful clothes have been in Tupperware bins for almost a year now. The front "library" room acts as my makeshift closet (see the sad picture below). We decided to take three small bedrooms and turn those into a big master with a walk-in closet. All of these rooms were connected by door openings (no hallway) so I thought it would be easy enough take down the wall in between two bedrooms and make the third smaller one that is off the second room the walk-in closet. Well, turns out, that was originally the back of the house and the second and third bedrooms were additions so that "easy" take down wall is actually a low-bearing wall and is holding up the roof. Ugh. Chris said this was why you always start from the bottom-up but I really needed a closet...lesson learned my clothes don't come first in a total house renovation.

So they had to take down the wall, build a temporary wall so the roof didn't cave in, buy these really heavy LVLs (beams) and get them as far into the ceiling as they could go, rebuild the closet wall and move the door opening. And that's just the tip of the iceburg. They ripped up the subfloor, took down every single wall, rebuilt the wall frames, took down the ceiling to clear it of very old, gross insulation (biggest mess I have EVER seen), put in all new windows, new insulation, put up all new drywall, installed recessed lighting, spackled, sanded and now we can finally paint and put down our new floor!! This is where I come (the fun stuff!). I just picked up paint samples this morning so I will be diving right into finding the perfect color to go with the gorgeous grey oak flooring we are putting in.

I've posted some photos below of the adventure so far but follow along with me as I will continue to post about this cute, little home we bought and the updates we do to it. Our first home purchase and our first big project.


Strapping put up, new insulation and rebuilding some of the wall structure. 

Strapping put up, new insulation and rebuilding some of the wall structure. 

Closet which will have a sliding barn door

Closet which will have a sliding barn door

New recessed lighting

New recessed lighting

Next up paint! 

Next up paint! 

The original chimney we are keeping

The original chimney we are keeping

Hello, September

Well, August is gone, September has officially arrived and it's going to be one busy month. Between weddings, baby showers, birthdays, Brimfield, The Vintage Bazaar and a trip to Ireland this month is packed full of exciting events.

Bev will be overseas for 10 days on a blissful tour of Southeastern Ireland (jealous!). She travels from Dublin to Cork and then to Shannon to take in all the amazing sites she can. Bev will be sure to share her beautiful photos of her incredible trip on here when she gets back. I will be making my first-ever trip to Brimfield! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I am going on this little adventure by myself so I am hoping I can use the time there efficiently and not miss anything good! I'm doing my research now to come up with a plan on which fields I need to pass through & vendors I need to hit up. For those of you who have never heard of Brimfield, it is the country's oldest flea market and attracts over 50,000 people each week its held. Even Martha Stewart doesn't miss it! Read up on the magic of Brimfield here: 

Just a few days later we get to celebrate my beautiful sister-in-law and the can't-come-soon-enough new member of our family, Baby Fowler! We are so excited and cannot wait to lay eyes on the newest Fowler in October and to finally find out if it's a girl or boy!

Although I do love Fall and believe we are very lucky to live in New England at this time of the year, I am not ready to say goodbye to Summer. I going to get to the beach, cook on the grill, eat al fresco and exercise outside as many times as I can before it's officially gone for the year. It's 95 degrees outside right now and even though I am hot as hell, I refuse to complain about it.


On Tuesday we took a road trip to Kennebunk, Maine to visit one of our favorite places, Snug Harbor Farm. We like to visit every few months to see how the farm changes with the seasons and to check out what new plants are growing. It's such a magical place and I feel like every time we go I find something new I didn't see the last time. We stocked up on succulents & topiaries for the shop and grabbed some things for ourselves because we just couldn't help it. If you've never been I highly suggest planning a road trip there soon!

After we were done exploring Snug Harbor we drove through downtown Kennebunkport to another one of our favorites spots in town, Hidden Pond. This is a luxury resort like I've never seen been. It's name definitely does it justice because you can very easily drive right by its entrance it's so secrete. As you make your way down the long driveway, through the woods, you pass an adorable little shop, Provisions, and the resorts organic farm and bicycle hut where guests can borrow their adorable beach cruisers. A little further down you come into the cabins. Each one as unique & enchanting as the next with a stylish guest building in the middle where you can relax in cabanas by the pool, play lawn games or roast marshmallows in the fire pit. Just around the corner is the resorts famed restaurant, Earth. This is one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever seen. The attention to detail was impeccable, right down to the drink menu and small organic farm behind the building where guests can pluck ripe, delicious tomatoes right from the vine. The restaurant is only open for dinner so during the day guests can lounge poolside at the second pool located right next to Earth, sip cocktails from the outdoor "farm bar" and nosh on sandwiches from Provisions. Heaven on (or should I say at) Earth.