Hello, September

Well, August is gone, September has officially arrived and it's going to be one busy month. Between weddings, baby showers, birthdays, Brimfield, The Vintage Bazaar and a trip to Ireland this month is packed full of exciting events.

Bev will be overseas for 10 days on a blissful tour of Southeastern Ireland (jealous!). She travels from Dublin to Cork and then to Shannon to take in all the amazing sites she can. Bev will be sure to share her beautiful photos of her incredible trip on here when she gets back. I will be making my first-ever trip to Brimfield! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I am going on this little adventure by myself so I am hoping I can use the time there efficiently and not miss anything good! I'm doing my research now to come up with a plan on which fields I need to pass through & vendors I need to hit up. For those of you who have never heard of Brimfield, it is the country's oldest flea market and attracts over 50,000 people each week its held. Even Martha Stewart doesn't miss it! Read up on the magic of Brimfield here: https://brimfieldantiquefleamarket.com 

Just a few days later we get to celebrate my beautiful sister-in-law and the can't-come-soon-enough new member of our family, Baby Fowler! We are so excited and cannot wait to lay eyes on the newest Fowler in October and to finally find out if it's a girl or boy!

Although I do love Fall and believe we are very lucky to live in New England at this time of the year, I am not ready to say goodbye to Summer. I going to get to the beach, cook on the grill, eat al fresco and exercise outside as many times as I can before it's officially gone for the year. It's 95 degrees outside right now and even though I am hot as hell, I refuse to complain about it.


On Tuesday we took a road trip to Kennebunk, Maine to visit one of our favorite places, Snug Harbor Farm. We like to visit every few months to see how the farm changes with the seasons and to check out what new plants are growing. It's such a magical place and I feel like every time we go I find something new I didn't see the last time. We stocked up on succulents & topiaries for the shop and grabbed some things for ourselves because we just couldn't help it. If you've never been I highly suggest planning a road trip there soon!

After we were done exploring Snug Harbor we drove through downtown Kennebunkport to another one of our favorites spots in town, Hidden Pond. This is a luxury resort like I've never seen been. It's name definitely does it justice because you can very easily drive right by its entrance it's so secrete. As you make your way down the long driveway, through the woods, you pass an adorable little shop, Provisions, and the resorts organic farm and bicycle hut where guests can borrow their adorable beach cruisers. A little further down you come into the cabins. Each one as unique & enchanting as the next with a stylish guest building in the middle where you can relax in cabanas by the pool, play lawn games or roast marshmallows in the fire pit. Just around the corner is the resorts famed restaurant, Earth. This is one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever seen. The attention to detail was impeccable, right down to the drink menu and small organic farm behind the building where guests can pluck ripe, delicious tomatoes right from the vine. The restaurant is only open for dinner so during the day guests can lounge poolside at the second pool located right next to Earth, sip cocktails from the outdoor "farm bar" and nosh on sandwiches from Provisions. Heaven on (or should I say at) Earth.