Styling With Joy Thigpen

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to attend a styling workshop with Joy Thigpen at Ceremony in Boston, hosted by Alexis of The Little Things. If you have never heard of Joy Thigpen start googling. She is the master of all things aesthetic and styling. Joy started off her career as a photographer but quickly realized she would rather be in front of the camera making sure the pictures are as beautiful as they can be and she does one amazing job. Listening to her talk about aesthetics and what goes into making a beautiful image completely opened my eyes and my creativity and plus being in Ceremony for the day didn't hurt at all (seriously one of the dreamiest spaces I've been in. I highly recommend visiting if you can or at least follow them on Instagram).

We started off with a meet and greet and then we got to listen to Joy talk about what makes a beautiful image, well, beautiful. Next we got to watch her in action as she took a set of beautiful wedding stationary (created by Gus & Ruby Letterpress out of Portsmouth) and positioned every piece so carefully for a photograph. It was intriguing to watch her in action and be a witness to her thought process. Each of us then got the chance to style our own stationary and the very talented Ruthie from Ruth Eileen Photography took a photo of each of our work for our portfolios. Next up was florals. There was a table covered in the most beautiful, fragrant flowers and again we got to watch Joy work her magic and talk us through her process. Then it was our turn and, again, once we finished Ruthie took a shot of our work. I can't wait to see these pics and add them to my portfolio! We finished the day with a casual Q & A with Joy and we got some insight on all the amazing things she's working on right now.

I left that day with a new appreciation for the art of photography and a love for all things aesthetic. I have to say Joy definitely had an impact on me in that short amount of time we spent with her. To learn more about Joy and her work, visit her website If you are looking to learn more about photo styling and aesthetics I highly recommend Joy's online courses (I will be signing up for these myself)

Happy New Year!

2015 has now passed & 2016 is just beginning. We are beyond excited to see what the new year brings us! 2015 was like a new beginning for Sage in our new shop and now our minds are flooded with so many exciting things to bring our loyal clients. 

Thank you for believing in us, supporting us and becoming our friends. We have grown tremendously each year since opening our first little shop and that is in huge thanks to all of YOU!

May 2016 bring you a wealth of health & happiness!


Jordan + Bev

Modern Farmhouse Inspiration

In honor of our master bedroom almost being completed (finally!!) I wanted to do a design inspiration post. Since the day we bought the house I have been contemplating what style direction I wanted to take it. Taking into consideration the look and age of our home, Modern Farmhouse seems to fit perfectly and I also love this look. From white, bright, airy rooms to farmhouse sinks, shiplap & hardwood floors, everything about this aesthetic is appealing to me. I've rounded below some of my favorite inspiration pics that I will be referring back to as continue our renovations. Enjoy!