Welcome to the new Sage Market + Design!

So many exciting things have been happening over here at Sage! In June, we re-opened in our new location at 58 Merrimac St. in Horton's Yard next to our great new neighbors Get In Shape for Women and Interlocks! We couldn't be happier with our new home. We have the room we need (let's face it, we outgrew our old space fast!) and we are able to bring in a lot more beautiful items for our clients to see. We have the most amazing view of the river and boatyard (and rumor has it the location of the new hotel...). We have a separate workspace where we can work on our florals and plantings without the whole store looking like a hot-mess while we prep for a wedding. Everyone has been so supportive & the response to the new shop has been overwhelming! It's so amazing to hear people say such great things about our new home!

Also this summer we launched our new website! The very talented & sweet Becky from Salty Anchor Design (www.saltyanchordesign.com) is the creative behind our new site. As luck would have it Becky came into our old shop one day while I was there & mentioned what she does and how her business can help ours (and this just happened to come at a time when we were talking about giving our site an over-haul). A few months later, we reconnected with Becky and viola! The new site perfectly reflects where Sage is now compared to three years ago. Before our website was basically just an online shop (made before we opened in Newburyport) but now that we have our brick & mortar, our site can more reflect our work with our amazing clients! Thank you Becky!

And lastly, this blog is new to us too! Follow along with us as we continue to grow Sage & see where our business adventure takes us!

-Jordan + Bev